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I’m back

I’m back.

It has been quite a while. Actually a little over a year. Work kept me busy. Or rather I didn’t manage time properly I would say. But then now I’ve decided I’m going to be regular. Missed out on a lot of things by not being very active online.

In this one year life had its own surprises. Some really suprised me, actually.

1. People really asked me to come back and blog

2. I found my significant other in my best friend

3. We actually completed one year. A roller coaster it was!

Work is really hectic. But the only factor that keeps me going is that I like what I’m doing. Its been almost 5 months since NDTV HINDU launched and working there is definitely one of the best experiences. There was a point of time when I lived at work 24*7. Today life is more organised but it is still as chaotic as it was.

Personally I missed out on the hanging out days with my friends. Catching up with each one is a task in itself … Going to Besant Nagar beach is like booking Mysore Express tickets and going to Bangalore. It needed so much of planning. I so hate it. I’m going to break this monotony. I’ve decided I’m going to be more active socially. And today is the beginning.


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