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It was a star studded …

… defeat. No, you can call it a disaster. (more…)


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I freaked …

I freaked. That was during my +2 exams in 2002.

I freaked. This morning, thanks to my aunt. It was 8.50 in the morning and I was rushing with my breakfast when my aunt came up with a topic. Balaji’s bro-in-law is getting married. Its high time we started searching an alliance for you. I almost spilled the barley I was trying to drink. I couldn’t react. I turned to my aunt, tried my best to hide all the thoughts running together in my head and said, better do a proper research. My voice cracked. I freaked out. Totally.

For fun, I’ve had these conversations with my friends and family about getting married by this year, I even made my cousin bro believe that I’m in a serious relationship and want him to come sign the witness for marriage in case we elope. But today, my aunt kicked the guts out of me. I’m only 23 and I don’t want to get married for the next 4 years.

Marriage definitely is a very beautiful bonding but I’m just not ready for it yet.

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This kuruvi doesn’t fly

In case you have booked tickets for Kuruvi, try selling it off for atleast half the price. You’ll also save three hours of your time, twenty bucks on parking and a good hundred bucks on popcorn and coke.

Vijay’s big budget summer cooler Kuruvi is an outright disappointment for Dharani fans. Vijay fans did enjoy the movie. I still remember the previous Vijay-Dharani combo Gilli, it kept the audience at the edge of their seat. As always expectation has once again killed. This movie cannot get worser.

Nobody comes to watch Kuruvi expecting to see a feel good family entertainer, everybody wants a racy, no logic and all magic movie from Vijay and Dharani. As the plot opens, there are cars lined up in a race track all set to burn rubber. There is Vivek and there is Malavika and then comes Vijay right out of a man hole. God. We were all set to throw bits of papers as Vijay comes on screen but when he came out all wet from the man hole, he only dampened our spirits. Come on, when people in the race tracks are waiting for Vijay, he should have come out of nowhere and land on his fully loaded race machine, instead he comes flying out of the man hole with all smiles and takes an auto to the race track only to drive a completely disfigured Skoda Octavia.

Once again Suman makes a bad villain. No not a bad bad villainy guy, he was a bad choice as a villain. Any day he can give Vivek a run for his money. And Trisha, she might easily be banned from films for comparing Vijay to Antonio Banderas in one of the scenes. Not to mention the songs, I was infact waiting for the movie after listening to the songs. Sadly none of them were trademarked with Vijay or Dharani’s stamp.

The story takes place at Cuddapah, Chennai and Kuala Lumpur but not even at one of these places does the story actually start. All through the movie it is a group of people chasing Vijay. He runs, they chase. He runs, they chase. He runs, they chase. Suddenly the title cards start running, giving a hint that the movie is over. Even then I waited patiently for the movie to start but only as people started walking out did it hit my brain that the movie was over.

No doubt Vijay is a good actor, a very good dancer, but no director is making proper use of his talent and popularity. And Dharani is in fact one of the best screenplay writers. Even when there is no story, he can weave a screenplay around the characters and make the movie a blockbuster. Dhool and Gilli are rock solid examples of his ability to keep the audience bitting the nails. But Kuruvi flies out of the hands of Vijay and Dharani.

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