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Velli thirai on silver screen

Velli thirai is a perfect example of a very good script which has been badly translated into a film. Right from the voice over in the opening, which marks the history of cinema, there has been a sheer lack of an essential essence – life.



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Truth can be …

… bitter when a cousin rightly subtracts 1985 from 2008 and makes you realise you’ve completed 23 years and not 22.

Even bitter when you walk into a cloth store and ask the salesman for a pant.

Me: Can you show me some formal pants?

Salesman: Sure sir, your waist size?

Me: 32

The salesman promptly showed pants in 32, but only in the trial room I realised that 32 inch pants are too tight to go up my knees. The salesman then wraps his inch tape around my waist and it shows 34 … 😦

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