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The Pondy quicky!

Pondycherry is such a good stress buster. Not that I’am stressed at the moment but the place just clears the mind and makes it fresh for the months to come. After a rare wake up by 5 in the morning, we managed to start in time, late by just 30 mins which is totally acceptable. Arun picked Ashwin and Sushma and made it to my place and we were soon out in the high ways.



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Friends in police

I usually wear my helmet when I take my bike. But Wednesday, the weather was so good I dint want the helmet to ruin the chilly wind hitting on my face, so I left the helmet and I was roaming around with no problem. At the end of the day, around 500 mts from my place, I was stopped by the police.

Police1: License, papers.

Me: Here.

The constable checked it.

Police1: No helmet, I’ve to file a case, pay 100 bucks.

Even before I start bargaining, the constable interupts,

Police1: Or pay 50 bucks to me, we are your friends, we are here to help you.

Me: I’ll give you 30 bucks.

He got offended and took me to another guy and asked him to file a case.

Police2: What do you do ?

Me: I am a sub-editor in a newspaper.

Police2: Okay sir, give me how much you can.

Me: I have 50 bucks so I can give only 30.

Police2: Ok sir.

Both the police constables never asked me to wear a helmet in future. And this happened right at the entrance of the Mylapore Police Station. And by reducing the fine amount, they claim to be doing a favour. Cha, I’ve seen some really honest police officers, who’ll do anything for the people. The guys who fines me are real black marks.

Not all police are like Alex Pandian or Raghavan or Anbu Selvan. Only Vadivelu has aptly portrayed the police of today in his movie Marudhamalai.

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Sure shot

While every lead actor in Tamil cinema is vying for the Rajnikanth slot, slowly, steadily and silently one man is growing as the contender for the versatile Kamal Haasan. (more…)

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Cross country on bike

I haven’t taken any resolutions for new years because I believe a decision on the first day of the year is not going to decide my act for the rest of the year. But this year, now that I have a bike I am determined to make a cross country ride. To begin with, it’s going to be a Chennai to Bangalore and back. Yes, this year I have a hundred reasons to go to Bangalore.

And then I plan to do an unplanned bike expedition. But that will happen only when I get a week off from work, which I don’t see happening anytime in the coming days.

Soon it would be six months since I visited Pondy, so another Chennai – Pondy bike expedition would happen. This time I definitely want to drive up to the Pitchavaram lake and also explore the ruined fort at Sadras.

But all this is going to happen only when I get my bike’s fork and handlebar repaired. Damn it, its a pain on the hand to drive with a bent fork and handlebar.

Check out this Fastrack coolers ad. Bikers don’t cry. Its been shot inside the studios and has been beautifully matched with the background. Lowe made this ad for Titan. I’ve got to go get one such coolers, considering the fact that its impossible to wear the helmet in the noon. Ditch the rules. Live the life. But I seriously feel its over priced for its brand value.

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