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Airtels and bill pays

Paying an Airtel bill is the most difficult part. No, I am not complaining that they over charge, infact my bills haven’t been messed with till now.

The Airtel showroom at R.A.Puram will accept card payment for Airtel land line but only cash payment for Airtel mobiles. And they give you an alternative, you could go to Univercell.

The Airtel showroom off TTK road will accept payment for both landline and mobiles but half the time the mobile server would be down. And they give you an alternative, you could go to Univercell.

Univercell has only one damn computer which would be used for bill payments and one slow guy working on it. The Q for the bill pay would go upto the showroom’s entrance.

Now the good thing is that the R.A.Puram Airtel has been shifted to Adyar for easy access, Airtel says so. And I stay in Mylapore.

Getting a connection is so damn easy. Using it is even easier. But bill pay is a pain. I’ve to subscribe for the online bill pay through my bank but the problem is I haven’t tried it before and if I screw it, the Airtel guys would be of zero help in getting it solved. And tomorrow is the deadline to pay my bill. Phew.

There is also another bug in their system. When I pay by card my landline bills get categorized as bill pay but my mobile bills gets categorized as purchases, which means I get points as well. Cool. Keep the bug going Aitrtel.

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My college days have always been at campuses away from the city. My under grad days were spent at SRM in Kattankulathur and post grad was at MCC in Tambaram. The Beach to Tambaram electric train was our easy means of travel in my post grad days. After the college gets over at 6.15pm we move our lazy asses out of campus by another 20 mins and after a quick stop at the road side shop we would be at the Tambaram Station. Tambaram is one of the busiest areas and it could be called the capital of sub-urban Chennai. Tambaram station is known for its pocket pickers and ticket less travelers and security was therefore at its peak.

Our police story happened on one such busy day.

If I remember right that evening we were coming after some celebration in our department and we were munching the Kurkure which we managed to flick. There was a TTE checking tickets of everyone in the main line train platform and he was easily recognizable with his uniform. We promptly showed our train passes to the TTE. All perfect.

Then the TTE went to Fenn and that was the time Fenn was learning to speak back and also wear an attitude that misfits him.

TTE: Tickets ?
Fenn: You ?

This word from Fenn was least expected and made us turn back and concentrate on their conversations

TTE: I am the TTE (the TTE was damn pissed and I bet no one would have ever put a question like that in his entire life)
Fenn: Can I see your identity card?

We were in splits. Krishna, Anand, Pradeep and I couldn’t control the laughter. But the TTE promptly showed his ID card and asked Fenn for his ticket with a lets settle our scores now look. Fenn showed his train pass like he was flashing an FBI ID card.

The TTE pulled the pass and found that the mandatory passenger signature was missing. That was not a serious fault and he could have let Fenn go but the TTE wanted to score this time.

TTE: There is no signature, come with me
But …

The TTE just walked him to his cabin and called a couple of the Railway Police guys. The railway Police guys were some North Indians and Fenn understood not even a word the TTE spoke in Hindi with the RPF guys.

We guys then followed them to the cabin and called for a Panchayat. Deepa’s dad was with the Railways and she called up her dad but the TTE refused to speak to him and put the phone down. Damn it.

Our second option was Rachel she was freelancing with the Indian Express then and we brought her in to speak for us, we thought her press reporter status might help. Damn it, no use. The TTE was not going to budge.

In a way we were enjoying the act and looking at Fenn’s face as he was thinking fast for an excuse had us in splits. But then we had to go home so Krishna and I went up to the TTE.

Krishna: Sorry sir, extremely sorry.
TTE: Sorry? For all that he spoke, I’ll show who I’am …
Me: Right sir but you know what he is in a depression
Krishna: He was in a boys college for three years which got him psychologically disturbed

Fenn took the cue from Krishna and interrupted

Fenn: When I was in Loyola I was intercepted by a fake TTE who took away my three sovereign chain, will you take responsibility for that ? (that was a big time lie and Fenn had never been in an electric train till he joined MCC and the TTE too did not believe what he said)
Krishna: Did you hear that, he is like that sir, so please …
Me: Yes sir … He is actually a good guy and now if you file an FIR on him, it would damage his life
TTE: Thambi, I never said I’am going to file an FIR …
Me: No sir, just a precaution …
Krishna: Please sir, this wont happen again, I guarantee …
TTE: Okay, okay take him away …

We had one unopened Kurkure packet and as a token of affection I offered it to the TTE but he refused to take it. So after a mandatory thanking session by each and everyone of us to the TTE we left with another story to keep the classroom laughing the next day. Fenn spoke not a single Tamil word during the entire conversation and was living in the airs of a Briton, which made the TTE feel a hot rod up his ass. The day showed us some good fun which we would remember for a long time.

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Oram po – No tear, no fear !!!

Oram po is one of the coolest movies of the recent times. The movie is an absolute trend setter of all sorts for Tamil cinema. (more…)

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Kalloori – subtle and stable

Shankar’s movies have always created a huge hype even before the movie is completed. Not only Shankar’s directions but his productions also create the same hype. Kalloori a movie with a star cast where everyone other than Tamanna are new faces has managed to create the hype and live up to the expectations it created. Balaji Shakthivel, from the Shankar’s school has managed to keep the flavour of the script intact all through the movie.

The movie when it opens gives a regular run of the mill college flick feel with the only difference being the rural college backdrop. Colleges in Tamil cinema has always been in Chennai, Ooty or Coimbatore but this one is an absolutely rural Govt. Arts College. The story essentially revolves around nine friends from school who make it to the same college where they meet Tamanna who is privileged enough to join the gang. So what happens next is the usual friends, love, fights, et all but the packaging is different and definitely fresh.

The technical brilliance which is a definite component in every Shankar’s direction is considered an unwanted cosmetic fitting in his productions. Shankar’s productions have always trusted on the script, the actors and the director. Balaji Shakthivel has woven a clean relationship between ten people and named it friendship. The script has everything for keeping the audience glued to the movie. Balaji Shakthivel in this movie has been in complete control of the shots and dialogues, they are not too short, not to long, crisp and cut right.

The movie could be in the Guiness for a record number of new faces. Nine out of the ten lead characters are freshers but each and everyone of them are registered well in the audience’s mind. But for instance Vijay’s ATM or Ajith’s Varalaaru, I am still not able to re collect even the protagonist’s names. Balaji Shakthivel has professionally etched the characters of the lead artists.

The movie has humour sprinkled here and there and most of the times it is situational and splendid. Although I dint like Balaji’s previous film Kaadhal, this film kept me hooked for a solid three hours. I probably dint like Kaadhal because I couldn’t relate to it at any point. I haven’t eloped before and I would never elope. I’ve never had my love reciprocated so I was a distant spectator and that movie made me yawn at places where some people claimed to have been in tears. But Kalloori is absolutely relatable inspite of its rural backdrop.

The technical department has been in full sync with the director which is evident while watching the film. No technician is flawed in his work. Balaji Shakthivel has delivered yet another hit and expectations for his next movie is already flying sky high.

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