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The spine tingling trio

After a very hectic day, I finally made it in time for the Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy concert for the evening. Krishna managed to get a good twelve tickets for us, free ! Thanks da machan.

We visited every single street around the Central Station while going in search of the Nehru Indoor Stadium entrance and finally found a policeman who was going there too who hopped in and showed the way.

Shankar Mahadevan made a grand entry singing a song while Ehsaan and Loy were already on the stage with their guitar and keyboard. He started off with Dil chahta hai and moved over to Pretty woman. By then half the crowd were on their feet shaking to the tunes of Ehsaan and Loy. And after another couple of songs we were all on the dance floor and by the time he ended with a Koi kahe from DCH, the entire stadium was like a discotheque.

One sumaar figure from Mumbai sang at times when the trio took a break. But with every song, the trio made their mark. Especially with the Urvasi, Mitwa and Koi kahe numbers. Shankar was although stingy with the number of Tamil songs which he sang which were hardly close to five in a more than three hours musical evening. The best numbers were of course Main hoon Don, Agar mein kahoon, Jaane kyun, Enna solla pogirai, Paan Banaras waala and Koi Kahe.

The evening was just like the college days and the culturals night which I badly miss these days. We were twelve of us and everyone joined in on the dance floor to keep it on fire. Had there been more Tamil numbers, I bet the roof would have come down crashing, the crowd had so much energy today. And I finally drove back home while the generously lucky Krishna sends an SMS that he is joining the trio for dinner. Lucky ass he is.


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Pondiyil oru mazhaikaalam

Absolutely cool climate. If Chennai was so good, then imagine Pondy. No, this trip was not all about the usual booze stop, we wanted some adventure. After deciding with friends, I called up home. My mom was definitely not going to let me go just because its been just 6 weeks since I last went there and it was raining cats and dogs. So I informed home that I am heading to Krishna’s place at Anna Nagar after work and will turn up tomorrow.

Ashwin, Arun, Aparna, Kavitha and Anu were the gang this time. Mani who was to join us decided to go meet some Chinese chick instead. Ashwin had watched Wild Hogs and wanted to take a bike at any cost. But the last minute he sodhapified but that proved good. Had we taken the bikes, the rains on Sunday would have had us taking shelter all day in some shack on ECR.

All went well on Saturday, after a half day at office, I headed straight to Aparna’s place and parked my bike. Kavitha joined us and we headed straight to Ashwin’s place. Arun was already there. A five minutes stop at his place and we were at the bus stand. We got an ECR Pondy bus in minutes and the entire last row was ours. Anu got in at Thiruvanmiyur. It started raining. The climate was at its best. We were determined to enjoy the best weekend in our lives. And in the next three hours we were at Pondy.

There was an excellent restaurant called La Terrace. Superb interiors. Superb colors. This restaurant was in the French side of Pondy away from the bus stand and close to the beach. There was a superbly decorated hotel close by to the beach. We found a couple of descent rooms and Ashwin and I went off for the booze hunt. Fcuk ! Was it Pondy ? No shop in the vicinity. We walked for a couple of kilometers and found a wholesale shop and as usual the wholesale shop was costly but we got some beer, rum and vodka and after the side dish hunt started walking back. It started raining. Awesome. We opened up the beers on the way and finished it even before we reached the hotel.

After a quick bath we started with the ceremony. Flat. Ashwin and I were equally drunk and Arun was the only sober guy in the room. We picked up a fight on the number of Saturn present in the galaxy.

Ashwin: Machan, do you see the Saturn.

Me: Ya da, Saturn are twins.

Ashwin: What the fcuk ?

Me: Fcuk you. Go learn numbers. There are two Saturns. I can see them.

The sober Arun had the entire conversation recorded and thats when Ashwin and I knew what we spoke.

There were lot more short fights on the sun, star, stethoscope and the list goes on.

The next morning we woke up with a splitting headache and a hot tea in a shop near the beach got us back to form. The best thing about Pondy this time was the constant rain but it was not a drizzle neither a downpour. It was like a perfect shower. Infact it created the mood the song Munbe vaa in Jillunu oru kadhal creates.

Arun’s friend Rakesh (the guy in the orange tee) came over to meet us. Rakesh stays at the Auroville and thanks to him we got to see around the Auroville on a Sunday. Even the closed Matri Mandir opened up. Check out the snap below. This was the climate all day in Pondy.

Matri Mandir

I called up home to inform that I’ll finish lunch at Krishna’s place and come home by evening. After a quick lunch in some big time AC hotel we had a bill of just 300 bucks for seven people. We went back to the rooms. The rains intensified. We packed the bags and checked out only to walk in the rain searching for an auto. Awesome. Its simply awesome to walk in the rains in Pondy.

Thats us: Anu, Arun, Ashwin, Rakesh, Kavitha, Me and Aparna 

This time again we got a bus back to Chennai in a jiffy and the drive was super fun. Time just flew. The rains became heavy when we neared Chennai. Thats when I got a call from home asking me to stay back at Krishna’s place because the rain was heavy. My plans were completely misfired. I had to convince that the rain was pretty okay and I want to be back home at any cost.

Four of us except Ashwin and Arun got down at Thiruvanmiyur. No auto driver stopped. The good old MTC picked us up. Anu and Kavitha coaxed the driver to stop near their place in Mandaveli while Aparna and me planned to get down at Mylapore Tank and take an auto and luck be it a tree fell at Mylapore and the buses were diverted in the windy rain. The bus went right in front of Aparna’s place. The conductor was good enough to stop the bus for us. Got down. Took my bike and reached home. While taking my bike, I put my mobile in my backpack and kept it on the petrol tank while driving home. The heavy rains killed my mobile. 😦 Right from start, things went on well. Not always luck is on one’s side for everything to fall in place during a trip. Except the joy of riding a bike all the way to Pondy, and losing a mobile, this trip was super good.

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Photograph 3/11

On November 3rd, if you are absolutely busy then spare 5 minutes and click a photograph of whatever you are doing at exactly 3.11pm and upload it here. Its an initiative of Gapp and Mahen and lot others. So what happens if you upload ? There are hundreds of people clicking photo at the same time same date who will also share their pics. You actually get to see what others were doing at the same time. At 3.11pm you might be in a traffic jam or a meeting or a bath or just making out. There might be guys who’ll be doing more weird stuff and clicking it. So whatever you are doing, stop. click. upload. proceed with whatever you were doing. Its just for the heck of it and its going to be fun.

P.S.: This is an at the moment unpaid promotional blog post.

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