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R.I.P. My Mobile.

My mobile conked. There is simply no sign of my mobile coming back to life. I got this mobile with the money I saved freelancing during college. All the contacts numbers I saved in it are gone. All my calendar notes are gone. All my precious SMSes are gone. My entire months expenditure details are gone.

I tried every possible treatment to bring it back to life. I even showed a hair dryer. It got its second lease of life but again went back to coma. Last Sunday I was roaming all day in the rain with the mobile in my pant’s pocket. At the end of the day, I put my mobile into my back pack to protect it from further wrath of the rain. The mobile which was working well till then conked once I put it in my bag and again went out in the rain.


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Moving ahead …

The phone rings.


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Smuggler doesn’t mean a peddler

On a random Saturday morning, on a day when I had taken an off from work, I get a call as early as 9.15 am from a good friend J. Its been months since I spoke to him and if I remember right it was on the second day of Podworks that we last spoke. Work has been hectic for both of us and getting a call on a Saturday morning I picked the call with full enthu.

J: Hi Dinesh, how have you been doing ?

Me: Hi J, am doing super good. Lots of fun ! And you ?

(After all this formal talk, J goes ahead and asks about my work at indiainteracts and how it has been going. After all this J reluctantly and shyly comes to the point.)

J: Gapp was telling me that you are from MCC and I was wondering if you could …

(Thats when I got the point)

Me: Yes, J tell me …

J: I was just thinking of scoring today, so I was just wondering if you could tell me where I could get some stuff …

Me: Ada paavi, idhukkada ivalo formal talk and ice breakers ??? Okay, note it down.

MCC is just being stereotyped. And am being made a victim. FYI, I have never smoked up just because I knew it wasn’t good and never gave it a try just because no one banned it. When my parents said cigarette was injurious and banned it, it only made me curious enough to try it. But I hated the taste. When they said booze was bad and banned it. I again tried it. But this time I loved it. But no one said weed was bad, no one banned it and I’ve never been tempted for it.

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The pug is still alive

Vodafone’s very first TV commercial marking their entry into the Indian market is BRILLIANT. The music, the colors and the logic.

Now here is the hitch –

Dogs are color blind. Pink or red makes no difference. So whats the entire point behind the ad.

The kennel’s shape has changed. A very logic thought. O&M rocks.

Hutch was absolutely screwed up in the last couple of months before Vodafone completely took over Hutch after the Jan 2007 acquisition. Only their ads remained cool and they are still good. If you notice, when it comes to TV commercials Hutch has never emphasized on their product, the ads where only to retain the brand name and their tag line. But they made good use of the newspaper and FM ads and very good use of SMS by spamming every soul who used Hutch.

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