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Being a smuggler …

Work somehow became hectic for all of us and we decided to take a break at any cost. Last Saturday after a two and a half hours journey from Mylapore to Koyambedu, Anand, Krishna, Fenn and myself took a bus and reached Pondycherry in three and half hours. After finding a descent room at damn cheap cost the actual rituals of going to Pondy started. Moreover India won against Australia and we celebrated it with Australian beer. It all started at 10pm and I remember things till 2am.

The next day we woke up only to go and raid some DVD shops. We found some amazing titles available and we kept filling our bags. And before we started back to Chennai, Anand and myself were desperate to be a smuggler for once. And just for the heck of it we smuggled some Bacardi Rum and Wine to Chennai. It was all for the joy of being a smuggler because the rum and wine are still untouched and hidden in my room.

Today I took a jeans from my cupboard and found a piece of paper inside. It was the bill for the Bacardis and Fosters. The jeans had been washed with the bill inside. Somehow no one saw. Great escape. This Pondy trip was in someway one of the most memorable trips. Loads of fun. Loads of happiness. I’ve rarely had fun and been happy at the same time.

Lessons from this trip.

Take a bike to Pondy. That is any day better. And very much comfortable. You don’t have to see a cuddling kadhal jodi in front seat with the flower from the girl’s hair often flying to you because of the wind.

Anand makes a half boil with one breezer and half beer.

Fenn found a girlfriend who works in an evening shift.

Wholesale shops are costlier and retail shops are cheaper.

The week before going to Pondy, I met a friend. A very good friend. Spent two evenings together thanks to the mess Abdul made. I’ll never forget that. The dinner, the bike ride. Simply loved it. And yes Krishna has joined as a Publicity Manager with SKC with a five figure salary. But the figures Krishna has in mind are completely different. Congrats da machan.


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The week and beyond

Police story Part 1 was accepted well at the box office. Part 2 is in the making and will soon be released. The main character Pengalin Rajakumaran Fenn Moses met with an accident last Tuesday. Part 2 will be out when he is back on his feet.

The past two weeks has been the most hectic days.

I was able to make it to the IIFF only on two days. I was determined to watch Framed for two reasons.

1. I heard it was shot on a HD cam. Krishna recently bought a HD cam and is planning to shoot his movie soon.

2. Krishna after being refused tickets at Satyam in one of the commercial screenings quoting House Full later found out and told me that the movie’s production team buys 90% of the tickets (Double meaning intended).

Tuesday I made it to Framed. Framed was more like a student short film.

Wednesday I was at The Park with my friends. Beers went in. Steady. Whisky went in. Steady. I saw the bar tender making something in blue and I asked for it. He gave me a drink called Blue Cross. Sloshed. That was the first time I was able to see music and hear colors.

And Thursday I again went to IIFF. Chennai 600028 was to be screened but Wednesday’s rains made screening the movie on cricket a Herculean task. So Sasanam was screened. I was able to sit till the interval, acting unaffected of the movie change. I walked out half way through the movie with Gapp, Suraksha and one guy from Vivekananda College. We saw a board called Sivaji 11.30am & 06.30pm, unable to resist the temptation we bought tickets and went in. I finally watched Sivaji at Satyam. RDX made the movie’s colors amazing.

After Sivaji, I went back to office only to see a couple of passes for Arjun’s Marudhamalai premiere.

Kireedam + Saamy – Super songs * Excellent fights / Zero logic = Marudhamalai

Hutch sucked big time and I had to change my mobile number. Right now Airtel seems to be good enough. And the best part is Airtel allows online transactions.

There was a small fire accident at office. I was sitting inside the studio and with a small electric fluctuation the studio lights caught fire. The video of my reaction is below.

I went to Tirupathi after almost five years. I went there on Friday night and Saturday early morning I came driving down the hill only to walk up the hill. It took me three and half hours flat which is half an hour excess of my planned time. I had my cousin’s son sit on my lap to shave his head and after that I shaved my head as well. A shaved head suits me better.

I had to drive a car like they do in Jaanavasam just because we were shooting an interview with Harish Ragavendra inside the car. I had to drive around the streets of Saligramam. People couldn’t help but stare inside.

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