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Police story – Part 1

MCC meant a lot of projects and overnight stays at friends’ were unavoidable. The night usually began with partying and only after that did we actually start working. After the back bitting PR campaign by my department got over a few of us went over for a night show. Landing up at Sangam theatre Krishna wouldn’t settle for any movie other than Prashanth’s Jambavan. The theatre had exactly 15 people and we were the only souls in the theatre who cheered Prashanth for all the mokkai he put on screen.Coming out of the theatre, we were 5 guys and we had 3 bikes. I was riding Krishna’s 180 bloo bird with him sitting at the back while Fenn and Sundar started on Fenn’s bike. Anand, the bravest rode solo on his bike. It was 12.30 am and right near the Anna Nagar roundtana we were stopped for the routine police check.

I was stopped first.

Constable: Licence ?

Me: Here !

Constable: Papers ?

(I was looking at Krishna who was still searching his wallet for the papers but in vain)

The bike was taken aside.

Anand next.

Constable: Licence and papers ?

(Anand takes out a bunch of papers not knowing which one to show. In a good mood the constable searches the lot and seeing the papers he lets him off with a glare)

Fenn next.

Constable: Licence and papers ?

Fenn: (In English to the constable) Do you want to see the originals or a photocopy ?

Constable: Edho onnutha kaamchittu kalambu …

Fenn takes out the papers in style and gives it to the constable. The constable checks it and takes Fenn’s bike keys and walks away. Reason: The papers belonged to his dad’s bike. We couldn’t help but laugh and all of us were laughing over this on the middle of the road. The constable got pissed seeing this and no amount of bargaining would work especially after the English Peter of Fenn.

The constable wanted to impound Krishna’s and Fenn’s bike and since I was riding Krishna’s bike I was taken to the station along with the bike to sign some court papers. Krishna and Anand went over to get Krishna’s bike papers. The constable left me at the station and went back to get Fenn’s bike.

Fenn in the meanwhile had another key so he escaped with the bike. Even if he had gone to his house I would have been happy. But he stopped in a street next to the police station and called me up.

Me: Enna da ?

Fenn: Machi ! Do you know 1-2-3 ? Cos you’ll have to do it all night …

Me: @#$%^

I was so bugged I cut the call. Krishna came with the papers and after submitting it along with a special Reserve Bank of India paper we were let off with the bike. The constable in the meanwhile came back to the station.

Constable: Dei, enga da unga koottaali ? Avanum kaanum avan bikkum kaanum ? Avan varama neenga pogamaateenga …

Krishna and I called up Fenn and made him come. We actually taught Fenn how to counter his runaway charge but he is dumbass, so …

No licence. No papers. Escape from trial. Runaway with bike. 4 cases altogether. You should have seen Fenn’s face. The reaction was so fucking hilarious. Again we spoke to the constable and got him out but his bike was taken away. They refused to give it till the next day.

We all went back to Krishna’s place and slept well while Fenn was awake all night. He deserved it for the phone call he made. But all that begins well ends well. The next morning we got him back his bike but after shelling a couple of RBI papers.

Thats not all coming up on the Police story series is Fenn’s encounter with the Railway Police at Tambaram station. Stay tuned.


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Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu is definitely the technically brilliant movie Tamil cinema has ever seen. Right from Kaakha Kaakha, Gautham Menon has shown his penchant for technology and to support him he had Antony in the edit desk.

Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu has a lot of brilliance to its credits. Right from the cinematography department to the post production department, this movie was a novelty. Check out this video on the use of efx to produce some amazing vfx.

I loved the way they shot the scene where Kamal knocks Stun Siva with a log (it comes at 2 mins 18 secs). Technically brillaint indeed, for a Tamil film. The green cloth used in a few shots is called a matt. Working with matts is not that easy and post production becomes all the more herculean. Paartha mudhal naale song alone gave away clues of using matt, but otherwise the vfx in the movie is brilliant. Kudos to Gautham and his team.

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Its time to be a playboy !

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Now its going to be all play for a couple of weeks. The Metro Plus Theatre Fest is back for the third time.

Starting today its going to be plays, plays and more plays till August 12th. There are some interesting plays lined up from today and I am trying my best to catch up with a few of them. Theatre has been my new found interest this year and I’ve been catching up with Evam and Madras Players and missing a lot more. Going for the Metro Plus Theatre Fest is a good enough reason to start early from my office. I don’t want to miss the Welcome to Andromeda by The Madras Players, The Immigrants by Boardwalkers and there are lot more plays which are too good to miss. Here is the Theatre Fest’s complete schedule.

But nothing can stop me from finishing the long pending B’lore trip. The B’lore trip is definite this week.

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