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Ajith has made the best use of Kireedam to bail out his sinking career. The movie has all ingredients for the total family but is definitely not a family entertainer. Ajith is in his best and has not raised his voice all over the movie or messed with the modulation. Infact Ajith has underplayed in this movie. (more…)


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My latest production for Indiainteracts was the video interview with Vedanth Bharadwaj. And this one happens to be my most favourite. Vedanth is an independant music director and has composed music for a Telugu, Tamil and English movie. The English movie was Silicon Jungle, an IIT product. (more…)

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Disclaimer. I am no Ajith fan. And never will I be one.


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Cheeni is infact Kum

After almost a month after its release, I was finally able to find time for Cheeni Kum and I regret for watching it so late. Rajnikanth rightly said, in cinema Amitabh is the Emperor. Superstar stole the words from my mouth.

Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu share this on screen chemistry rarely seen in the Bollywood movies these days. In a couple of scenes its evident that the director is an ad film maker. Balki after an eighteen years stint with advertising makes a debut in cinema and is very impressive. The movie has a strong South Indian connection. Two of Tamil’s best technicians have made their presence felt in Bollywood throught this movie. Illayaraja has taken care of the background score while P.C.Sreeram has captured the melting moments in the movie.

A very usual story line with a very unusual twist. Amitabh and Tabu are in love and Tabu’s dad doesn’t seem to give his consent for their marriage. Sounds so usual. The twist is Amitabh is 64 years old while Tabu is 34. If you feel the twist is not curvy enough, read this: Tabu’s dad is 6 years younger than Amitabh.

No one overacts, no one underplays. The movie is just a next door love story … err sugar free love story (i wonder how much Sugar Free paid Balki for this). The dialogues are subtle and no one speaks a word at times when just moving the eye balls makes the meaning clear.

The movie is a serious entertainer with bits of humour sprinkled generously here and there. There is nothing to be said about Amitabh in the movie. He is the Emperor. Tabu and Paresh Rawal makes the best out of their screen space. At times Paresh does put a blade with his wit and humour in the movie.

Gawd, Tabu is still seducive.

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