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A bit of shameless Self PR

In between a monotonous day at work, the Indiainteracts PRO comes with a couple of invites. One was the Vijay’s birthday party and the other was the Filmfare magazine South Editon launch By Vikram. I choose to go for the Filmfare shoot. The crowd would be pretty less and not much of media mob.

It was a perfect evening and Vikram came in his traditional black apparel. I’ve never seen such a down to earth guy who spared time for everyone at the evening’s party. Got a full ten minutes exclusive with him. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Interviewing Vikram

The interview was over in a while but the party had started. Cocktails cocktails and more cocktails. Started with Smirn Off, moved over to KF and then shifted to RedLabel. I know it was stupid combo. A semi knock out. Got back home steady and spoke for a full ten mins with my mom and slept off. Thats all I remember. The next morning my mom comes and wakes me and thats when I started all the blabberings. She was close to finding it out but good that she dint guess it.


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Sivaji. The B.O.S.S.

Excellent come back after Padayappa. He has once again proved himself as the Demi-God. Superstar comes back in style and even when he comes to Chennai from U.S. in the movie, he has the Alex Pandian look in him.

The movie is rich. Thalaivar comes to Chennai with 200 crores, he mortgages his properties for 50 crores. Unwillingly bribes people for 54 crores. Gives a Merc for 20 lakhs. But the story begins only when every penny is lost and Superstar is left with only 1 rupee. He hits back. Makes almost 46 thousand crores and gives it all for the poor.

Superstar with guitar

Shriya. Semma lip. Semma hip. Other than that she has nothing more to do in the film.

Vivek. He is the second hero of the film. He is with Superstar in every other scene, except the songs and of course first night. This time Vivek takes care of the punch dialogues. Sixukku apparam seven da, Sivajiku apparam yevan da ? Perfect reply for all the wannabe Superstars is Kollywood.

Suman. The baddy of the movie. If he had come for FDFS in any of our theatres he would have pulled his toungue and died (read : naakka pudingittu sethu poyiruppan). He was abused so much by the audience whenever he gets back on Superstar. But he was a kiddish villain especially after the Mark Antony Raghuvaran.

A.R.Rahman. After Muthu and Padayappa, this movie is a serious let down. The only Rajni flavoured song is Athiradee karan.

Shankar, K.V.Anand and Thottatharani. Special appearance in a song. The entire theatre shouted – Enna koduma saravanan idhu

Shankar. He usually has a strong flash back in every movie but this is the only exception. But who cares ? Why should Superstar’s movie go the same way ? Shankar’s work is definitely overshadowed by Rajnikanth’s screen presence but all the hype for the movie is all for Rajnikanth, so no issues at all.

Superstar. Definitely the superstar. No one ever can do a song like Athiradee karan, its tailor made for Thalaivar. The tea shop scene outside Income Tax office is a definite proof that Superstar is still in form. Its a full and full Rajnikanth movie.

The first time I saw the movie, I liked it. The second time, I loved it. Now going to go for the third time. BOSS is MASS.

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