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There are people who want me to stop posting about Sivaji because every time I write about it, its release gets postponed. But this video was too good to stop me from posting.

I am slowly coming out of my Chandramukhi disappointment after seeing the promo pics and videos. But this trailer is definitely not up to Rajni’s nor Shankar’s standards but as always, expectations kills.

Rajni’s punch is awesome in the trailer – Sagaranaal therinji pochuna, vazhara naal naragam aagidum !!!

and check out Superstar’s last lines in the trailer – Paera ketaodane chumma adhurudhu illa ? AWESOME !!! This is exactly the Rajni people are waiting to see after Padayappa. June 15th.


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While being in college, just an SMS from a friend was convincing enough for me to bunk college and meet up at Satyam or Amethyst. But these days, not even a call can make any of us bunk work. Its only late night meets that is possible these days and thanks to the CCD guys who are kind enough to stay open till midnight.

Last week was one of the most interesting meets. Thanks to every other guy in the city who wastes electricity and every political party that steals electricity for their meets, there was a transformer problem near Mandaveli which means no electricity at office and I was able to start early from work. After checking all my friend’s schedules, and finding them busy, Anand and I decide and meet at Anna Nagar CCD at 9 pm. We go straight to the smokers lounge but thats the place where Andy puked a few months back so we go right in and there is lot to discuss about life over cups and cups of coffee. But the evening’s fun begins when Krishna and Mia joins.

Me: You know what … when you msged me saying you are coming here, Fenn saw the msg and he just walked out, the buger dint pay for my coffee too

Mia: What !!! Fenn left because I am coming ?

Krish: Ya da, Fenn is pretty pissed with you because you dint speak to him after you came back to Chennai

Me: Machan lets not speak about that and spoil the evening.

Mia: No … tell me, is Fenn seriously pissed with me ?

Me: Err … Mia, Fenn actually had a crush on you !

Mia: Me ? Fenn ?

Krish: He was actually in love with you … When we joined college, you were the first girl in class to speak to him and that pretty bowled him over

Me: He was from a guy college, you can rather call it a gay college and when he came to MCC, you were a totally different species he had never seen before.

Mia: But I spoke to him the way I spoke to you, Krish, Andy and Peep.

(All this while Andy is busy smsing a new found girl at his office)

Krish: See its not your fault, cheer up

Me: Do you know that every girl in our hostel thinks that you ditched Fenn …

Mia: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?

Krish: He has gone and told every female in our class

(Now Mia slowly rubs a tissue paper on her eyes)

Krish, Andy and me stare at each other and find a glow on our faces

Krish: C’mon don’t cry, its Fenn who misunderstood things

Mia: Enna da … Avan ippadi pannuvan nenaikala (in a typical mallu accent)

Me: Relax Mia

(and she wipes her tears)

Me: Do you know, Fenn even bought a huge soft toy for your b’day but you left to Kerala the day before and Fenn went into a depression but we never told this to you cos we dint want to upset you

Krish: The other day you went with Fenn in a bike, he even gave us a treat for that

The build up continues, it was just 10.30 pm and we build up our story describing what Fenn went and told every girl in our class. Mia is vexed. It was 11.30 pm and we decide to to start.

Me: Forget it. Lets meet Fenn tomorrow and sort things. Lets leave now

Krish: So Mia, did we sound real ?

Me: We are actually writing a script for a movie and we thought we could tell it to you

Mia: #%$ *(^&^ %#%$^ *&^$%# &$%$ &^ $%^#$ @## $@$ % $##

Buy why was Fenn dragged into the picture ? He messed with the best !

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I got three messages from Hutch today, asking me to download Sivaji stuffs. Like I am going to go pay for their watermarked wallpapers and stupid ringtones when I have internet connectivity and bluetooth. To top it all, a call from Hutch and an automatic recorded voice starts promoting their products. Like Sathish says, wherever you go, our spam follows. And another SMS saying that the taxes on eTop Up has been increased from today. Had they sent it yesterday, I would have topped it immediately. Guys at Hutch sure does have a cheap strategy in mind. (more…)

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May memorabilia

Superstar has confirmed Sivaji’s release. May 31st marks the beginning of a year long festival for everyone across the globe. Posters, banners, cut outs, hoardings its all going to speak for Superstar. Someone from AVM said, the movie would release in all screens of a multiplex. A treat indeed. (more…)

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What do engineering kids after college ? Err … What do engineering kids do if they are given a few days off to sit and study ?

They just pull a nice (read: innocent, appavi, gem) guy’s leg. Gapp and Jump have nothing to do after college. Like Gapp says, both of them lack a social life and they do what they can sitting on the net.

Both of them have actually done a lot of publicity (read: free publicity) for me on the blogosphere. They did try to pull my leg. But chuck it. They only popularised me. Thanks guys.

I had to give up a 7 year old companion today. I sold my Scooty. Right from my school days, the Scooty did fetch me pretty gals. When I booked the bike in 2000, sadly there was no stock in the showroom and the new stock that came was a new re designed model and I was the first to own it in Chennai. A super 50kmpl mileage and I’ve had only one major accident with my Scooty in these 7 years. When I was angry I drove it rash. When I was feeling good, the bike used to glide.

Another accident was in front of Santhome church. I made a bend and the bike bent a way too much. The bike fell and went skidding for some 20mts on the busy stretch and I was still holding on to it. One lazy cop gave me a chase, but I had a great escape.

I was once caught for driving without papers.

Cop: Show me the RC and insurance.
Me: I have only the RC.
Cop: Pay 250 bucks or come to court.
I had never seen a court till then.
Me: I’ll come to court.

But that ass took me to a Mobile Court where they let me go after a 100 bucks fine.

I went for my last drive in my Scooty yesterday for a night show. And sold my bike after the movie. 1am. Doubles.Triples.Police.Case.Fine.Bribe.Court. The bike has seen it all. Not a single brake down in these 7 years except for a couple of punctures and petrol drain. A bike to envy and I’ll definitely miss it.

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Munbe vaa …

Appo gaana dhan pidikkume …
… ippo melody yum pidikithe

After a hectic week, I have two options for my one and only Sunday. I either laze around inside the house or go for MMS and then a PodWorks organiser’s meet and then the ASAP play and then my friend’s sis’s wedding reception and then meet Aparna. I choose the secoond option and the day was great.

MMS was good, PodWorks organiser’s meet was even better ! The gal I met at RTFF was there too … A surprise of sorts which I didn’t have in the recent years. I accidentally met her twice. There are people who are happy about this, there are people who got their stomachs burnt because of this. Hell with them. But the vaitherichal pidichavan has actually done good. I dont know why but of late I only feel like listening to romantic numbers. Newyork nagaram and Munbe vaa are my current favourite. Unnale unnale has become a prayer.


Thats me in the foreground … Check out the background … Cute right ? I meant my good old Scooty dumbos … ๐Ÿ˜›

Finally missed out the ASAP play but went for my friend’s sis’s wedding. Super fun. Lots of colors. Finally got to meet Aparna whom I haven’t been speaking with for a while. Well work is keeping both of us busy, but we have to make time for each other. Good going till now.

Ashwin has got a super job and a laptop and lots of gals. Anand and Fenn have joined as Instructional Designers. Super office. Even super gals. If rumours are to be believed, Fenn oru ponna ushaar pannittan. Aparna has got a 50% hike in her pay. Kavitha is having super offers in hand. Janani might join Cognizant. Congrats guys. My office gets over by 6pm, so a treat with 8pm is always welcome. And coming back to my crush. If I meet her once again accidentally, does that mean destiny ?

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RTFF got its first well deserved publicity today. Thanks to Nandhu, Ruth Dhanaraj of The New Indian Express did a story on the RTFF.ย  Ruth called up last evening to find out about the RTFF after Gapp gave her my number. We expected the story to be in a second or third page corner. I was indeed a surprise err … shock to see it as the main story on the first page of the city supplementary.

BBC and Reliance offered to cover the future RTFF. ๐Ÿ™‚ We frankly dint expect such a huge mileage out of the Express story. Ruth has a really good flow with words and the way she has mixed the inputs from Gapp, Syed and me is brilliant.

Day 1: I had to provide three video shows and I had absolutely no time to move from my seat and I completed the last part of the interview with Vimala and the Motorbike show. So no out of studio shoot nor press meet. Couldn’t meet the girl of my dreams. But this is just day 1.

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