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Growing by the day

It was really hectic last week and time just flies as first as a satellite launcher. I go to office by around 9.30 am and every day there is some show or editing lined up. Work is fun. Scripting shows. Interviewing people. Editing videos. Its been going good till now. I have started of with a Motor Show and did a couple of shows till now. The first one was with Karun Chandhok, an Indian racer who is going to debut in Formula2 this season. The second one was a show on Enfield Choppers and Cruisers made in Chennai. My college peep Eshwar has a passion towards customising bikes and this passion has made him produce three motor bikes till now on an Enfield engine. I got to ride one of those machines in the lanes of Royapettah. Gawd! I wish I could afford one of those man’s best friend. No other bike can even come close to an Enfield. Click on the images below to watch the show. I feel I’ve done a better job when compared to the way I did the Vimala Raman show. Do chip in with bouquets or brickbats, whichever you feel like.


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Hands on video production

I did my first ‘out of studio’ show for Indiainteracts a couple of days back with Vimala Raman, the girl who was introduced in the movie Poi. After Poi, she moved to Malayalam Cinema (Gapp, it might interest you) and has been quite successful there. We dint have an anchor that day and so I had to double up as an anchor (for starters, I produce entertainment content for Indiainteracts). Being an anchor, I messed a bit, but again its my first show, so errors are acceptable. Click on the image to watch the video.

Chat show with Vimala Raman

WordPress doesn’t support embedding Indiainteracts videos at the moment. Its a streaming video and will download in ten minutes for a descent broadband connection. The first part of the video is out and the rest will be uploaded in the following days. Since the medium is internet, there are some space and upload constraints that makes us upload videos in parts.

Oops! I just realised it is Friday, which means tomorrow is the second edition of the Roof top film festival. Sidd is hosting us once again. Register here to avoid gate crashing. RTFF is place for film makers and film fanatics to network and discuss about films. If you are a budding film maker or film student, RTFF is an excellent launchpad for you, just get in touch with Gapp or me and we would love to do what we can.

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Attitude matters

Bajaj had a cool ad for their Avenger. This is one of the rare ads of Bajaj that stays close to the heart. I still remember the Bajaj M80 ad and the Hamara Bajaj ad. But nothing appealed much after that. This Avenger ad is over an year old and it hits the point straight and right.

This ad has a right blend of attitude and style. The ad clearly defines the target audience. This bike is not for every other guy who drives a Pulsar. The guy in the ad carries an awesome attitude all through the 60 seconds commercial. The way he sees all the negatives in his life as positive is a kick ass copy.

I saw this ad recently. The video was same, but the voice tracks had changed. The guy in ad says he forgives the Indian batsmen and the bowlers and he feels like God. Dog ! Who the hell is he to forgive the Indian team. The attitude is totally damaged. He is no more like he was before. He now seems to be a kid who lost his bet on cricket for a cotton candy.And he sounds arrogant as well. Making use of current affairs is a nice appeal. Amul does it quite well. I am not the guy who will run behind a cricketer for autograph or burn down a cricketers house just because he dint hit a six, but I love cricket. Yes, India lost the Cup this time. So ? I don’t find it ethical nor humorous in any way ?

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Two roads diverged …

PodWorks is scheduled for June 9th and 10th. Its going to be a weekend full of knowledge sharing. I am planning to do a session on Audio and Video editing for internet uploads and a session along with Balaji on Camera Techniques for interviews. I am looking forward for the Communication Skills for Interviewing session by professional RJs and theatre guys. I bet that will help with my job. 🙂

An amazing challenge is coming up. Find a partner. Make a team. Carry thousand bucks each. Go to 10 scheduled places across India. And importantly come back. Too good to miss. It begins on June 8th and goes for a fortnight. Damn ! I am missing it. 😦

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Need for switching. My three column template Garland was pretty cool but was not optimised for Internet Explorer and people who use IE has always been complaining. My attempts to set this right by giving missed calls to Bill Gates proved futile. Misty look is a nice template, although I wanted to use the template Fastrack, I couldn’t find a wordpress.com version of it.

Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, Valentine’s day et all is going to come together in 2007. Yes on the day of Sivaji release. The day is going to be a festival for Rajni and Rahman’s fans. Till the movie comes, Superstar will style my blog.

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Fanfare in air

Even with a sprained neck, I decide to go watch the Air Show by Indian Air Force at Marina. I was waiting for Ashwin to come and to kill time till then I switched on the TV. The Air Show was going live on TV. Man that was fabulous, especially the heart shaped smoke these pilots made. A helicopter even flew reverse in mid air. Almost seven planes came flying right down to the ground and made a fantastic turn and flew back to the skies. By the time Ashwin reached my place, the show was almost over, we rushed to Marina and parked the bike at a friend’s place close by. My friend was watching the Air Show from his terrace and came down on seeing us and informed that the show just got over. Damn.

I had a very good view on TV but watching it right where it happens has its own fun. Its just like watching cricket on TV where there is a replay for almost every ball, there is an ad break for every over and there is Mandira Bedi. But nothing can beat the spirit of watching it in a stadium. So we just started of with our usual chat and when we looked out of the gate, what did we see ? The whole road was flooded by people, bikes and cars returning home from the Air Show. We were locked, we had no means of going out. People had turned out in large numbers. I’ve been to the Republic Day event in Marina but there was never such a huge crowd. The St. Bede’s playground which was close by was a makeshift parking lot and cars were coming out constantly to add their part to the chaos outside. It took almost two hours for the road to get cleared.

The Police had done their best to make sure everything went well. No officer was standing near a potti kadai. Hats off to them for spending their Sunday working their blood and flesh out so that people had fun with their family. After we were able to come out, Ashwin and I felt like going to our usual lassi shop in Triplicane which was a 5 mins ride away. Bu it took us one hour. One whole hour to reach Triplicane from Santhome thanks to the traffic.

The IAF is in its 75th year and this feat was to exhibit its talent and drag people who are bitten by the dot com bug to join and serve the IAF. The traffic could have been avoided if people decided to walk down to the beach or pool cars. I would have seen atleast three dozen cars which had not more than two people in it. A sheer waste of fuel and space. They are definitely going to drive in the first gear all through the entire stretch and no car would return anything more than 3 – 5 km/ltr in first gear, and the space each car occupies adds to the jam.

People from as far as Red Hills came to watch the Air Show. I bet they would have reached home just a couple of minutes back and I don’t remember seeing such unimaginable crowds even during the Republic Day nor the Kapaleeshwarar Temple Festival. Kudos to IAF. I loved the show.

And yes by the time we reached the lassi shop, its trademark special lassi was over.

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Unnale Unnale – Blame game

After my friend screwed up the FDFS plan, I finally watched the movie today in a packed house. Expectations kills. My expectations as well as the movie’s protagonist Vinay’s, both kills.

The movie begins on a light note and the first half sails smooth in a calm ocean, but the second half is caught in a sea storm and the entire story is drowned. But I somehow liked the first half, may be because of the quite a few similar incidents in my life.

Movie’s plus

Casting – Vinay, Sada and Tanisha are apt although Tanisha struggles to get the words out of her mouth. Vinay is good enough for a first timer and Sada is in her usual with not much to do. Raju Sundaram and the other friend who gives gyaan on girls are a humorous duo. Others just come into the frame and doesn’t have much to do in the film.

Cinematography – This is the only reason good enough to watch the movie. Jeeva’s best. Every frame has a pinch of brown which brings out the flavour of the movie. Even Sada looks appealing.

Music – Harris Jayaraj & Jeeva combo works once again. A hatrick to be precise. There is nothing like the pick of the album, every song strikes a chord with the audience.

Movie’s minus

Story – When everyone in the movie gets the chance to speak they start blaming each other. Vinay blames Sada, Sada blames Vinay, Tanisha blames Sada.

Vinay loves Sada, Sada loves Vinay. Sada hates Vinay, Vinay still loves Sada. Tanisha loves Vinay. Sorry for the spoiler, but that is the entire story. I wonder why the screenplay has to be in the flashback style once again, Ullam Ketkume had a purpose but here it just confuses.

The bitch sitting behind me – Just because she already saw the movie, the bitch sitting behind me was narrating the entire story to her friend. No suspense was thus enjoyed. Atleast if she was a little pretty I bet the people in my row would have raped her for it.

The movie is definitely worth a watch, for the sake of the songs and the way they have been picturised. Raju Sundaram and the other friend are at their best in humour. At the end there is not much in the movie except a blame game.

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