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College : Almost over

Here is a very cliché line : It seems college just started a few days back but two years seems to be over all of a sudden. But thats very true ! (more…)


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Movie Marathon

A non stop 10 hours movie marathon called the Roof Top Film Festival started an hour after schedule on a Saturday evening, there was a continuous screening of movies till 6 am on Sunday when the sunlight interrupted the Brownian movement. Sidd’s terrace was an excellent choice with mattress spread all over the floor, a huge screen and excellent speakers to boost the move watching experience. (more…)

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Jumping tag

Tagged ! It would have been great if it was this tag but it happens to be this tag by Jump. Thats okay ! 😀

10 things which I hate about my college. Well if I had been tagged with this when I joined MCC, I would have written a 100 things, but right now I am a part of the Madras Christian College and I owe a lot to it. My under grad days were spent at SRM, another cool institute. Three best years of my life was spent at SRM, playing, sighting, flirting, and also studying. (more…)

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RTFF and farewell

Roof top film festival is for film freaks who want to catch up with some really good films and also network with people sharing the same passion. Gapp is the cerebrum behind this and we guys joined him in this process and now everything is fixed. The roof top is shared by Sidd and i hear that its breezy out there, a perfect place to watch movies, after iMax of course.

There has been a lot of activity going on  the wiki created for the informal film meet and a lot of film makers and film critics have shown interest in coming. Biggies like Sudhish, Nandhu and Baradwaj Rangan will be there.

Now is the hitch

My college life is getting over this  semester and the farewell party has been planned for Saturday … 😦 I cant afford to miss both, i guess i’ll have to make it to RTFF after the farewell which means i ll miss a movie and some very good moments. But again if my friends have planned a night out after the farewell i cant miss that either, its my last few days with them before each of us go settle in every other side of the globe. God, cant you postpone the farewell …

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Big FM was at 24 frames, the film festival by fStop on the last day to shoot audio bytes for one of their shows. One guy called YoYo claiming to be an RJ dropped in and i was one of the enthu guys who volunteered to participate in the show. The show was basically about the RJ asking question and the respondent giving irrelevant answers, (yes, no and one word answers would make the respondent barred). (more…)

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fStop and 24 frames

My department launched its very own public film club ‘fStop’ on the 14th of March. The fStop film club will be a platform for discussion about films by film makers, film critics and film buffs. fStop will also act as a free library of a huge movie collection which will be made available to the students of Madras Christian College and will soon be open to all.

The launch of fStop was highlighted by a film festival which began the same day and went on successfully for four days in a preview theatre hired for this purpose. The event was pulled successfully by a bunch of students post graduating in Communication. After a couple of weeks of brain storming and discussions the event was held as a costly affair between film lovers and quality cinema. (more…)

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Mozhi is another descent family flick from Prakash Raj. Directed by Radha Mohan, the movie is running to packed houses even after weeks of its release. Mozhi has given Jyothika the opputunity to show her acting prowess, its once in a lifetime a female actor gets such chance in tamil cinema but Jyothika has got it twice and she has made hay while the sun was still shining on her. (more…)

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