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WikiCamp – Veni Vidi Wiki

The day of WikiCamp finally arrived and things went smoothly with just a few hiccups, but that happens … its an unconference !!!

The best part about this unconference other than the sessions were the networking part. Their is so much scope to meet new people, interact with them and learn new things … WikiCamp introduced me to a lot of new techy guys. From students to CEOs, the Wikicamp proved to be an excellent learning and networking platform. (more…)


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The BIG Boss

With only a couple of days to go before the WikiCamp begins, i called up the beverage sponsor to confirm their presence.

Tring tring

V: Hello
Me: Can i speak to V ? (I am speaking as posh as possible)
V: Yes !
Me: Hey V ! This is Dinesh, i spoke to you regarding the WikiC…
V: Yes Dinesh ! You called up regarding the Wikipedia meet !
Me: Yes you are right ! I just called up to confirm your participation
V: The event is at Tidel Park right ?
Me: Absolutely ! Its on the 25th of Feb
V: Feb 25th … I’ll be out of station, i ll do one thing, i ll ask my collegue S to call you up. You know S right ?
Me: Ya i do, i first spoke to S about the event

Now i could have stopped with this line, but i extended the conversation

Me: Ya i do, i first spoke to S about the event … S is your boss right (well i did hear that S is the boss from a friend)

There is a pause

V: Well, its the other way around !
Me: Err … (By this time my posh accent is half gone) I am sorry, i confused, you know i have a bad memory, i am so sorry
V: Thats ok, i ll ask S to contact you …
Me: Thanks V !

And we hang the phone ….. Shit, i shouldn’t have messed like this

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Feeling good : )

When i started blogging, i was clueless …

I wasn’t sure on what to blog and who will read my blog but still i went ahead. Today i am really happy that i started blogging. Blogging made me meet new people, everyday seemed to be a new experience after i started blogging.

Today i am a part of the WikiCamp organising team. The team work here is so amazing, everyone is busy in their life but still finds time for this group effort. Being a part of the WikiCamp is an experience in itself, i ve been learning a lot on team work, collaboration and pro active planning. (more…)

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I still regret for watching this movie. The director has tried to take a thread out of the novel The Derailed but failed miserably in making a movie out of it. What could be worse than audience walking out of the theatre half way through the movie, that too on the first day.

Gautham Menon’s Pachaikili Muthucharam released with a lot of expectations. The movie had some of the best technicians to boast about, but if Gautham had concentrated more on the script, this would have been a worthy family entertainer. (more…)

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I am moving from Blogger to WordPress …

Blogger is cool. I made a blog, learnt a lot, people read it, they liked it as well. It made me feel good …

I heard WordPress is super cool. I am moving to WordPress …

Now the usual check –

Blog testing 1-2-3

Blog testing 1-2-3

Enna paakareenga, naan blog ippadi dhan test pannuvan : )

Thanks to Ganesh for giving me an insight into WordPress …

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Seeing is believing !!!

That Four Letter Word is releasing this 23rd at Satyam Cinemas
I can give only two reasons for you to watch the film
1. If you’ve been a regular reader of Sudhish’s blog, you’ll know why
2. It has Zebra err … Sunil from Evam

Wondering why i have put this video ?
Check out the entire video to find the reason …

This is for all you guys who refused to believe when i showed the pic
This is for all you guys who laughed and snigered after seeing the pic
This is for all you guys who transfered the pic on net for your own gratification
This is for all you guys who cropped me out of the pic

Am having the last laugh ! : )

Thanks to Sudhish for letting me use the link

This post is dedicated to my friend T, who claims that Surya smiled at her when he came out after watching TFLW. Its still a claim … there is no proof !!!

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Love Letters

This play by Evam sounds strange mainly because we are from a generation which grew up making love on telephone, later email and as of now over mobile. Sometimes i wish i worked at Hutch in night shifts, it might be fun to listen to lovers talk, although its not manners … Jus kidding …

With all hopes of seeing Andrea on stage, Evam gives a surprise with Mirchi Suchi pairing up with Karthik for the day. Love Letters is a very serious play with a bit of humour here and there. The play has only two performers and Karthik and Suchitra have done their best to take it smoothly. Love Letters is a collection of letters written by two childhood friends Melissa Gardner (Suchitra) and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III (Karthik Kumar).

The play goes on for 90 mins and has been able to clearly show the phases of life from childhood till being a grandparent. Everyone must be able to relate with this play, i was able to relate only to the part till they finish college, the other phases seemed alienated for me.

Dialogues is the most important part of Love Letters. The screenplay is really good with the letters being read by the writers themselves. Lighting was supposed to be really good and never before seen in Indian Theatre but i somehow dint like the light arrangements at certain points. The guy did goof up with lights. The blue light in the beginning which gave a silhouette look to the performers was good but not great. Arranging lights is really tough and it always doesnt turn up the way expected (courtesy: my short films) and with the fact that there is no option of re takes, people work under pressure, so the faults are acceptable.

I am somehow not able to re collect the play and its been less than 24 hors since i saw it, doesnt stick to the heart. Karthik was asusual wonderful with his expressions and dialogue delivery but Suchitra was not able to cope up with his performance. Her voice in radio might have people going crazy but theatre is still a far reach for her.

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