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Happy b’day Orkut

It is Orkut’s third birthday today. Thanks to Orkut i’ve caught up with many of my lost friends from school days and am still able to keep in touch with most of them through this site. Cheers Orkut !!!

Google’s takeover has brought a lot of innovations in Orkut. GTalk has been merged with Orkut and users can simultaneously use both. Google usually keeps changing logos in their homepage during festive days. The same is now being used in Orkut as well. For diwali, Orkut’s logo sported lamps and crackers. There is no big purpose achieved by Google or Orkut in this process but it surely brings a smile in the user’s face. It’ll last for just a few seconds but it increases the brand’s recall value. Smart !

Google logos courtesy – A mail sent by Kavitha long time back.

Click on the image for clarity.


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Five Point Someone

After all the super fun at ECR on my friend’s birthday, i rushed to IIT-M to catch the play which i missed three days in a row at Museum Theatre. I was at the venue 30 mins earlier than the show time, the Q was long but i thought i could make it into the auditorium. After reading all the thumbs-up reviews of the play i was even ready to stand and watch the entire play if the seats are full.

My friend Rachel who is from the press comes in, she sees the long Q and goes to the organisers to see if she could get seats for us, she doesn’t turn up and the place has no network coverage. Damn ! And then the guys at Saarang close doors saying the hall is full. I knew Rachel must be nicely seated inside and i faked as a person from the press. They took me into the auditorium through a special entrance and i got a seat right in the front row beside Rachel who gives a stupid grin and spells a series of apologies …. Ok forgiven ! Man, the front row had recliners : )

My interest in plays was brought out by Evam’s Sunil. After watching Evam’s Art i was hooked to plays, Madras Players just took it one step further. The play Five Point Someone tells what not to do at IIT. Every soul who finds a place in IIT has worked really really hard for two years in school just to find that, college is no different. GPA is what determines what you are in college and under performers are treated as an outcast.

The story goes around three under performers in college Ryan, Hari and Alok who manage only a 5.something GPA. College has labelled them as outcasts. Five Point Someone is all about what is life other than the serious studies at IIT, what is friendship, life and love. The set props were simple and nicely used. Three props made the entire play. Ryan Oberoi (Praveen Bharatwaj), Hari Kumar (Abhijeet ‘Monty’ Mohanty) and Alok Gupta (V Sarvesh Sridhar) rule the stage for a solid two hours. Alok is this serious guy who is very keen on studies while Ryan is a happy-go-lucky guy, Hari can be easily influenced by both of them in anything and everything. These three guys carry a perfect rapport all through the play.

Ryan, Hari and Alok expects more out of life and in this frantic search they end up with a 5.something GPA which gives a serious blow to their friendship. In this chaos, engineering and fashion designing meets thanks to Hari who falls in love with Neha (Uttara Krishnadas). Neha is also an excellent performer and her solo scene on stage where she writes a letter to her dead brother speaks volumes.

The senior Madras Players come like a storm with their more matured voice and modulation. P.C. Ramakrishna as Prof. Cherian the most hated professor by all speaks as though he swallowed a couple of mics, what a voice he has got, too good … Dialogues and humour is fantastic. P.C. Ramakrishna introduced Nikhila Kesavan to the audience as the youngest director of Madras Players. There are re takes while directing a movie but in case of plays …
This is where Nikhila rocks !

Something i noticed in the play was the prompt and timed dialogues uttered by the artists. If the audience are laughing or clapping loud, the artists wait till the laughter and claps fades and then speak their dialogues, so that no one misses a word. Hari was this normal guy when it comes to the love scenes, tensed and messing ! Neha and Hari do leave the audience clapping all the way. The story is narrated by Vidyuth Sreenivasan who is calm and cool and walks around the stage narrating, he even takes a shot of vodka with the performers.

Overall the play made two hours fly so easily and my lie worth it.

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Down the ECR

Jan 27th, i woke up early with my mobile’s alarm just to pull Ashwin’s leg. It was his b’day and i had super fun using his name in my blog (thanks to Incognito, Priya and Kavitha who joined me). I sit and type my b’day post for my buddy before starting to his place to fill his face with cake. But Kavitha had to study and Aparna was too sleepy. Operation cake face was dropped. We decided to meet at Aparna’s place at 2 pm and were supposed to surprise Ashwin and cut the cake. Infact Ashwin was so eager in cutting the cake, that he arrived before Aparna and Kavitha.

After the b’day rituals we start to ECR to hit the tracks at Kart Attack. Did someone say karting is like sex ? It lasted only for 5 mins !!! But damn good !!! And all the fun while biking in ECR made the day.

I had to rush to IIT-M because the Madras players were to stage their Five Point Someone, adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s best seller. I dint want to leave and Aparna was even pissed with me leaving, it could have been the last show of Five Point Someone in Chennai so i rush to Saarang leaving my Incredibles.

Thanks to me Ashwin’s crush in first year of college found him on his b’day ! Reading love notes is not decent but i cant avoid when the couple scribbled on my blog. Eager souls can find it here.

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Happy b’day buddy : )

Its January 27 and people all over the world are already celebrating Ashwin’s birthday. We at Akhila Indiya Aasai Ashwin Imsai Mandram (AIAAIM) have a few welfare plans for the innumerable number of fans of his.

1. First on our list of welfare programmes is “Full nite – First nite”. It is novel concept being premiered on Ashwin’s b’day. A free malli poo decorted first nite shall be arranged under one roof for all eloping couples. But there is a clause, any kid born out of this “Full nite – First nite” has to be named after Ashwin. Example : Ashwin III, Ashwin IV and so on, the sole purpose of this clause is to increase the popularity of Ashwin.

Venue : Raja Muthiah Hall

Time : Anytime after dusk

Things to bring : A partner (animals are strictly not allowed)

P.S. : Prevention is better than abortion, play safe !

2. Are you feeling bad that you are already married and unable to make use of the previous scheme ? We have a better scheme for you !!! Akhila Indiya Aasai Ashwin Imsai Mandram is orgainising a Divorce Camp. What could be more good than getting freedom for a married man/woman, so a dicorce camp is being held today and the first 100 couples gets a free divorce.

Venue : High Court

Time : Inni ellame nalla time dhan

3. “Enakku Ashwin ivalooo pidikkum” – SMS contest exclusively for girls. Tell us why you like Ashwin so much and you could win two movie tickets for any movie at Anurag Cinemas. Corner seats assured. Ashwin will accompany you ! So girls do you get the hint ?

SMS to : 420840

P.S. : Considering the network congestion that happens every year on Ashwin’s b’day, all mobile operators have decided to charge every single SMS sent on this day, just like they charge on any other festive day.

And now its time for the message.

Ashwin i still remember the first day we met and i ve enjoyed (almost : ) !!!) everyday we’ve spent together. You are the best gift one can get and am proud to boast about you. I’ve been through every phase in friendship with you, loved, fought, played, more than all that i’ve missed you da. Its good great to have you in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Image courtesy : www celebrity porn dot kam

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Too good to miss …

Thanks to my laziness to book tickets beforehand, i missed out the play Five Point Someone by Madras Players when they where performing at museum theatre on the 5th, 6th and 7th of Jan. Actually i was held inside the deep woods of my college on Jan 5th, went for Evam’s Art on Jan 6th and the Mylapore Fest on Jan 7th, had i booked the tickets, i would have had the urge to go. Read the reviews of the play written by Kiruba and Ganesh and felt i really missed something. But now, Madras Players are staging Five Point Someone at Saarang. YIPPEE !!!

I cant afford to miss it this time.

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Amethyst – Label your restroom !

Having nearly two hours before the 3 pm show of Guru starts, Krishna, Sundar and i decided to go to Amethyst. After 3 cups of coffee, Anand and Fenn joined us there. A heated discussion started about Maniratnam and it slowly drifted to all aspects of cinema and all makers of cinema, suddenly we realise the time is 2.30 pm. When i watch a movie i prefer to watch it from the beginning when they show the censor certificate and i stay at my seat till the end credit rolls fully (yeah, making full use of what i pay !). So we pay the bills and rush out when Krishna and i felt we needed to use the rest room, we walk in, there are two doors and each of us enter one. Finally when i came out i realised there was no rest room for women, when Krishna came out and said the room i went in was for women. Only then i noticed a small flower in the rest room’s door which was supposed to mean its for women ….. Gosh !!! Thank God no girl saw me. And then i remembered what i read in the rest room – Please do not flush tissue papers and sanitary napkins. And i checked the guy’s rest room, it said – Please do not flush tissue papers. Do they expect people who overlook the wood colored flower on the door to distinguish this way. Shit !!!

Turned around, no one saw, walked out like a nice guy : )

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Somehow i felt i had missed out on something in my review of Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu. The movie released pretty late amid huge expectations, and when it released it was taken by a storm. The night show at Melody theatre proved to be great ambience for watching this movie. I somehow dint like this movie as much as Kaakha Kaakha but watching it again and again (thanks to DVD) i started liking the movie although i still hate some scenes in it. Reading my own review, i felt it lacked something, so i ve rewritten it and you can find it here.

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