I’m back

I’m back.

It has been quite a while. Actually a little over a year. Work kept me busy. Or rather I didn’t manage time properly I would say. But then now I’ve decided I’m going to be regular. Missed out on a lot of things by not being very active online.

In this one year life had its own surprises. Some really suprised me, actually.

1. People really asked me to come back and blog

2. I found my significant other in my best friend

3. We actually completed one year. A roller coaster it was!

Work is really hectic. But the only factor that keeps me going is that I like what I’m doing. Its been almost 5 months since NDTV HINDU launched and working there is definitely one of the best experiences. There was a point of time when I lived at work 24*7. Today life is more organised but it is still as chaotic as it was.

Personally I missed out on the hanging out days with my friends. Catching up with each one is a task in itself … Going to Besant Nagar beach is like booking Mysore Express tickets and going to Bangalore. It needed so much of planning. I so hate it. I’m going to break this monotony. I’ve decided I’m going to be more active socially. And today is the beginning.

Chennai 600028 was not a fluke hit. Venkat Prabhu has a proved this point with his thriller Sa-ro-ja and has clearly shown how to make films with a fraction of the amount budgeted for a Superstar or a Universal Hero film. Continue Reading »

Recently I updated my phone’s software and Nokia Maps came as a default application. Till then I thought Nokia Maps were only for N95, 82, etc … Even at the Nokia Maps stall at Citi Centre, the babe in the counter told me N73 cannot use maps. The other day I had called up Airtel to just ask about GPRS but for reasons best known to them, they activated GPRS for my connection. So there is GPRS and Nokia Maps in hand and joblessness in mind. So I started trying it out and it came out to be much much better than expected.

Its very fast. And the maps are almost 50% accurate in terms of geography and location labels. A quick address type to Chennai lands me near the GPO, and from the GPO finding the way to my house in Mylapore was a breeze. Type in your start point and your destination point and there you have right in your screen a real time navigation to the desired destination.

But unlike the Wikimap, the end user does not have any control over location tagging on maps. For instance the Bazaar road in Mylapore is mis-spelt as Bazar road. So anybody searching for Bazaar road is never going to find the right place. So even if I spot a mistake, I cannot correct it. My street has not been named/tagged in the Maps and the end user has no privilege to tag places, so any number of search for my street is going to give no result.

The Nokia Maps TVC was brilliantly conceived and executed, although like all advertisements this one too is a bit exaggerating. This map is good fun to experiment with but needs a lot of correction before it can be used on roads. Another disaster I saw in this map was with the Show route option. I gave the start point and the destination point and searched for the route. The map shows the shortest and the simplest route, it does not give a damn about no entry signs and at times shows roads were motoring is out of question.

The kilometers count which it provides for every route by asking the satellites is accurate enough. Just a few updates and some changes and this map will be a treasure. Nokia can even price it.

Thanks to a delayed meeting, I missed the premiere of Dasavathaaram on Thursday night. Which also means I saved 300 bucks + good 5 hours of sleep. When Dasavathaaram was announced saying Kamal Haasan was the man in front of the camera, Tamil film audience were celebrating. They knew the movie was in safe hands. They knew history was in the making. But then on the first day, sadly Arun and I were in complete splits laughing all through the movie which claims to have a lot of AlGore and Ramanujar in it. Continue Reading »

… and this is my 101st post.

Arun called up in the morning Continue Reading »

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… defeat. No, you can call it a disaster. Continue Reading »